7 Adımda Huzur ve Ahenk


Çalıştayın Amacı

• Make participants familiar with the Energy Leadership™ concept
• Understand how positive and negative energies are represented in their life,
• How it affects them and what they can do to increase their energy level, as individuals and in the organizations
• Learn how to understand other people from energetic perspective and influence them in a positive manner.
• See the difference between stress reaction and normal situation, and learn how to deal with it
• Explore a Yoga practice for the stress management

Katılımcı Profili

The workshop is desigend for company leaders, who is searching for harmony in their life, who want to become more productive and successfull, feel more satisfied with their life and influence others ina profound manner.

Katılımcının Kazanımı

Via participation in a very interactive workshop, participants will get familiar with Energy Leadership™ concept and start using it in their life, that will help them to feel more satisfied with it, more successful and productive, more healthy and able to make a bigger impact in their companies.